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I was born in a small city in Southern Moravia (east part of Czech Republic) called Znojmo in the year 1986. Znojmo is called, because of its beauty, small Prague. I lived like many people did in a concrete flat. I spent my weekends with my father mostly in the nearby National Park, fishing or just walking around.


As a child I already loved cities and culture. I built whole cities of blocks and I was fascinated by public transport of all kind. This passion grew with years. At the age of 11 I moved to Western-Europe, The Netherlands and stayed there for almost thirteen years. I learned a lot in the Netherlands, I studied law with the thought that I will stay there. In the end, things went differently.

At the age of 24 I decided to go back to Czech Republic. I missed my family, Czech culture and nature. I started to study at the Charles University and moved to Prague. I fell in love with the city right away. With its mysterious soul, hidden streets, calmness and life on the other side. I have never experienced something like this elsewhere. The longer I live here the more I realised how wonderful Prague is. After finishing my study at the Charles University, I became a tour guide full time.



How I became a tour guide

license-websiteIt happened quite unexpected. I was in a pub, hearing some people speaking Dutch. So I greeted them. Because we were in Žižkov, a beautiful part of Prague not far from the center, they were surprised to meet someone there who speaks Dutch. I joint them and we had a wonderful evening. I suggested that I could show them the city (back then I lived in Prague for only a few months). They agreed. I studied the whole night and I arranged a program for the group for a whole day. It was wonderful. They liked it so much that one of them contacted a tour guide company with who I cooperate until now. Now, after many years of experience and having guided hundreds of nice people I am thankful that I met those people. They showed me a part of my destiny.